Versele-Laga Champion Black Label I.C. Plus


Complete sports mixture with black maize

Complete pigeon feed enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet and with the special black maize. The black maize in this varied racing mix is exceptionally rich in antioxidants to protect the muscle cells during flight. This enhances the pigeon’s endurance. Plus I.C.+ Black Label Champion is a highly varied racing mixture, suitable for longer distances. The added extruded Plus I.C.+ racing pellets work for a better digestion and an additional number of vitamins and amino acids, which are important during the racing season. This is so much more than a conventional racing mixture that only provides a solution to the pigeon’s protein and fat requirement. It creates the difference between a pigeon and a top pigeon.


  • Complete racing pigeon feed enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet that provides extra energy during flight. Ideal for racing pigeons during long distance flights.
  • Enriched with black maize, a very rich source of antioxidants responsible for muscle protection, less muscle cell damage and more endurance.
  • Mixture is easily digestible and provides the pigeon with all the necessary vitamins, amino acids and minerals.


The Plus I.C.+ pellets contain organic selenium as well as other natural antioxidants. They reduce oxidative stress and muscle damage and support the condition.


The addition of lecithin and L-carnitin optimises fat absorption and fat burning, leaving the pigeons with more energy.


The Plus I.C.+ racing pellet contains a unique combination of organic (natural) antioxidants including beta carotene (supplied through carrots), lutein, extra vitamin E, organic selenium, polyphenolic bioflavonoids and vitamin C. This unique combination stimulates the immune system.


black maize 10%, bordeaux maize 4%, red maize 4%, premium cribs maize 4%, small cribs maize 4%, toasted soya beans 6%, maple peas 4%, small green peas 4%, tares 2%, Katjang Idjoe 2%, white pigeon wheat 6%, white dari 12%, red dari 4%, safflower 12%, paddy rice 2%, broken rice 2%, peeled oats 2%, hempseed 3%, buckwheat 1%, canary seed 1%, yellow millet 1%, brown linseed 1%, rapeseed 1%, black coleseed 1%, thistle seed 1%, racing pellet I.C.⁺ 6%


crude protein 15%, crude fat 9.5%, crude fibre 7%, crude ash 3%, carbohydrates 54%, lysine 0.67%, methionine 0.33%, threonine 0.53%, tryptophan 0.16%, cystine 0.26%, calcium 0.16%, phosphorus 0.33%, sodium 0.03%



3a672a vitamin A 2700 IU, E671 vitamin D3 540 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 15 mg, vitamin C 3 mg, E1 ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 6.5 mg, 3b202 calcium iodate, anhydrous 0,5 mg, E4 cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 2 mg, E5 manganous oxide 16 mg, E6 zinc oxide 15 mg, E8 sodium selenite 0.06 mg, 3 b 8.10 organic form of selenium (produced by Saccharomyces erevisiae CNCM I-3060) 0,15 mg, L-carnitin 1.2 mg


On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.


Can be given when they arrive home, to recharge the batteries. Can also be given before the flight, to fill the energy tank. Depending on the flight distance, the extra feeding can vary between 2 to about 5 days.