Poop-Off® Bird Poop Remover

Poop-Off® Bird Poop Remover is a biodegradable bird cage and fabric cleaner that quickly and safely breaks down and dissolves bird droppings. Poop Off uses naturally occurring, active enzymes and biodegradable cleaners. It does not use solvents, orange extracts, detergents, alcohol or bleach.

Used by Breeders, Zoos, Veterinarians, Pet Stores and Bird lovers on a daily basis to clean up messes.

Note: Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover is not a disinfectant or bactericide.
To sanitize surfaces contaminated with bird waste, use a surface disinfectant such as Microcide SQ or SteriFab Bactericide.  Caution: when cleaning up bird waste, always wear a MINIMUM of eye and respiratory protection, disposable gloves and clothing. Bird waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites.