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Rohnfried CropMilk 600 g

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Rohnfried CropMilk 600gr (Proteins and Probiotics for perfect breeding) For Birds

- Complementary feed for birds, which optimizes the results during breeding.
- It is based on the needs of the young birds in their growth phase.
- High content of proteins of animal origin, which allows the young birds to have optimal and very favorable growth, due to their ideal amino acid composition.
- In addition, it contains Probiotics, which help to develop a healthy intestinal flora and in perfect conditions.
- Compounds ground wheat, soy protein isolate, glucose, whey powder, blood products (spray drying of cattle blood plasma), refined coconut oil, yeast, calcium carbonate, cellulose powder, maltodextrin, vegetable fat (palm) refined u. Recommendation on feeding hydrogenated, conjugated linoleic acid.
- Constituents and analytical contents: 21.00% crude protein, 6.10% crude fat, 2.00% crude fiber, 7.20% crude ash, 1.00% lysine, 0.25% methionine.
- Additives per kg: stabilizers of intestinal flora: 3.00 x10h9 CFU Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) (Calsporin) (4b1820)
- Digestibility enhancer: 2,800.00 TXU Endo 1.4 Beta Xylanase EC (4a62)
- Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar effects: 20,000.00 i.E. Vitamin A as retinyl acetate (3a672a), 2,000.00 i.E. Vitamin D3 (E 671), 100.00 mg of vitamin E / all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700), 10.00 mg of beta-carotene (3a160a), trace element compounds: 25.00 mg of copper as Cu ( II) sulfate pentahydrate (e 4), 110.00 mg manganese Mn (II) sulfate monohydrate (e 5), 110.00 mg zinc from zinc sulfate monohydrate (3b605), 10, 00 mg of iodine (Ca-iodate) (3b202), 1.60 mg of selenium from Na selenite (E 8), emulsifiers: 3,000.00 mg of lecithins (1c322) 4a62.

- 1-3 day old young birds: Mix 1 part of CropMilk with 2 parts of warm water and feed with the syringe.
- 4-8 days old young birds: Mix 1 part of CropMilk in 1 part of warm water and feed with the syringe.

- Tube of 600gr.

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