Keep Your Bird Healthy - New York Bird Supply

Keep Your Bird Healthy

Just like people, pet birds need certain vitamins and minerals in order to maintain proper nutrition and health. Birds can receive many of these needed vitamins and minerals within a pelleted diet, but some birds might require additional nutritional supplements....

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Why Birds Need Toys - New York Bird Supply

Why Birds Need Toys

To keep pet birds mentally happy and stimulated, they need new and different types of toys given and exchanged out of their cage often enough that the birds don't get bored with them. Bored birds at the least can become...

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Why Rabbits Need Toys - New York Bird Supply

Why Rabbits Need Toys

Many rabbit owners are surprised to find out just how playful their pets are. Most rabbits will appreciate a selection of fun and simple toys. Toys will help keep your rabbit physically active and prevent boredom. A bored rabbit is more likely to...

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How to Hand Feed a Bird - New York Bird Supply

How to Hand Feed a Bird

Fledgling birds, unlike nestlings, have already left the nest for the first time, but are still returning to the nest and being fed by their parents. These birds have developed feathers and look like small adult birds, but they are...

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TOUGH LOVE - New York Bird Supply


By moving between old food, new food, and treat incentives, your bird converts to a new pellet-based feeding plan by creating a routine he recognizes. Choose this plan if your bird is: Most Species Likes Treats Any Age Easily accepts...

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The Many Sizes of Pet Birds - New York Bird Supply

The Many Sizes of Pet Birds

 The wonderful thing about birds is that all sizes of pet birds have their own personality traits, and characteristics. Basically, if you’re interested in having a pet bird, there is a perfect bird out there for you! The pet birds below...

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Welcoming Your New Feathered Friend Home - New York Bird Supply

Welcoming Your New Feathered Friend Home

What to do Before Bringing Your Pet Bird Home for the First Time  Congratulations! You just brought your new best friend home to live with you forever. You've been to the pet store, read all the how-to guides, and spoke...

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Caring for a Sick Bird - New York Bird Supply

Caring for a Sick Bird

What to do when your pet bird is sick It’s difficult to care for a sick loved one. Sometimes loved ones refuse to be medicated, and other times only a doctor can care for their symptoms. Just like humans, birds...

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