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Breedmax White

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Breedmax® White is specifically designed for the breeding of birds for which there should be no intake of canthaxanthin: for example the canaries or white some canaries mosaic... Breedmax White improves reproduction without any risk of tasks in the plumage of the birds.

Breedmax® is a food supplement for birds born from the collaboration of a veterinarian, breeder, lover of birds, and a veterinarian-nutritionist.

The combination of calcium well assimilated and a fair dose of calcium/phosphorus plays an essential role in the prevention of the lack of spawning during the spawning period, a composition of vitamins caters largely to the needs of the birds.

In addition, this new product provides the most important vitamins to the birds as they are in this product extra supplemented (vitamins A, E, B3, and PP). This composition ensures all-year-round for optimal health and good fertility.

Breedmax also contains fats and fatty acids, these are precursors of the hormones involved in reproduction, they also provide the skin and plumage, a good structure without, however, making the bird too fat so a light formula.

The Breedmax is the first complementary food that contributes positively and effectively to the resorption of the yolk in the egg. Thus, it ensures the reduction of mortality and optimal growth of the young during the first week of life. Breedmax the appearance of a fine powder Miette uses is very palatable for the birds.

Very easy to use in the mixture in the mash to eggs, that you cook at home, or that of the trade.

Frequency of use :
Outside of the breeding season: 2 times per week the food as usual.

During the breeding season: 1 time per day

Dosage :
For 100g of mash to the eggs of the trade, use 1 measure (10gr) of Breedmax + 1 tablespoon of sprouted seeds.
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