Dr.Brockamp: Probac Grüne Erde


Green Healing Earth

Therapeutic mineral earth for the regulation of the ph-value in the stomach and intestinal tract

Probac Green Healing Earth is a pure product of Nature with no chemical additives, consisting of pure glacial green loess. Its main ingredients are silicon (Si) in the form of silicic acid, numerous minerals as well as rare trace elements that give it its green color.

Probac Green Healing Earth possesses the rare ability to bind up to 300 times its own weight in waste products in the form of proteins and toxic- and olfactory substances, and above all pathogenic bacteria. One gram of Probac Green Healing Earth contains a reactive surface of 300 square meters (300m2) and works as a catalyst in the detoxification of the organism.

Excess gastric acid and bile as well as toxins of pathogenic bacteria can cause diarrhea and be the source of a number of intestinal diseases. Probac Green Healing Earth binds excess gastric acid and bile as well as toxins and pathogenic bacteria and thus regulates the ph-value in the entire digestive tract. The application reduces the incidence of dyspepsia, serves the processes of purification and detoxification, prevents indigestion and diarrhea, and can contribute significantly to the rehabilitation of the digestive tract. The alkaline mineral substances and trace elements counteract excessive acidity in the organism. The high level of silicic acid also ensures a bright plumage.

As a result of the above-mentioned attributes, Probac Green Healing Earth lends itself almost ideally as a supplement to the probiotic bacteria contained in Probac 1000. To achieve this, a kilogram of feed must be moistened together with some Oregano Oil and bonded with 5-10g of Probac Green Healing Earth once or twice a week for 25 birds per day.

Because of the very strong bonding qualities of Probac Green Healing Earth, it should not be mixed together medicines as their effectiveness could be impaired.

Other applications

Probac Green Healing Earth is a typical all-year-round product, in as much as it aids in the rehabilitation of the digestive tract throughout all stress phases. Thus Probac Green Healing Earth should be administered once or twice a week as described above all year. During flight competition phases the administration of Probac Green Healing Earth accelerates the time needed for regeneration. During breeding, it ensures an ideal provision of minerals as well as firm droppings in fledglings. In addition to this, the high level of silicic acid produces an elastic and silken coat of feathers which makes it indispensable during the molting period.

- 1 kg tube