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Free Shipping : On all domestic orders over $75.00 (Excludes Birds)


NEW European Goldfinch Mutation Poster

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OUR ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ product!!!

Brand new EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH poster. All you need to know about European Goldfinch MUTATIONS and GENETICS. For European Goldfinch breeders who are constantly looking for the means to improve their breeding!

This poster has everything:

35 mutations and combinations!!

✔ Ancestral ✔ Brown ✔ Agate ✔ Isabel ✔ Pastel ✔ Opal ✔ Yellow

and their combinations

✔ White Head ✔ Lutino ✔ Albino ✔ Satinet ✔ Eumo (or Aminet) ✔ Pheo ✔ Perle ✔ Perlate ✔ Alabaster ✔ Grey Wing ✔ Black Mask ✔ Blue ✔ Turmaline ✔ Pied, White, White Throat ✔ Maskless ✔ Melanistic ✔ Red Head

✅ FAMILIARIZE WITH GENE TYPES 🔹 SEX-linked, 🔹 Autosomal, AND GENE INHERITANCE 🔹 Dominant, 🔹 Recessive,

LEARN by example how to calculate offspring for the following pairs:

✔ Ancestral - Sex-linked Recessive
✔ Ancestral - Autosomal Recessive
✔ Ancestral - Autosomal Dominant
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