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Painted Finch

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The painted finch (Emblema pictum) is a common species of estrildid finch found in Australia. The painted finch acquired its name due to the red and white spotted and mottled underparts of both males and females. The binomial comes from emblema meaning 'mosaic or inlaid work'; and pictum derives from the Latin word pictus, meaning 'painted' (from pingere, 'to paint'). Other names include Emblema finch, mountain finch, painted firetail and Emblema. The painted finch is a popular bird to be kept in captivity and in backyard aviaries.

The painted finch is within the genus Emblema which early studies placed four species inside of. More recent research has since determined that this genus did not form a natural assemblage and three of the four species were segregated into the genus Stagonopleura. The species include S. bella (Beautiful firetail), S. oculata (Red-eared firetail) and S. guttata (Diamond firetail). This species, Emblema pictum, is currently the only one allied to the genus.

The painted finch belongs to the family Estrildidae which consists of small passerine birds that occur naturally in the old world including Africa, southern Asia and Australasia. There are approximately 124 species of estrildid finches within 30 different genera. There has been two major radiations within this family, one occurring in Africa and one in Australia. The family Estrildidae is believed to have originated in India which then later dispersed to these two continents.

The painted finch is a small passerine that is 10–12 cm in length and weighs around 11.5 g. Male painted finches have a red forehead and face that stand out in contrast to the black breast of individuals. A bright red patch in the middle of the breast is present, while the sides of the breast, belly and flanks are black with white spots. The tail and upper body and upper wing are a reddish-brown colour. The rump and uppertail coverts are also mostly red and highly conspicuous when the birds is in flight. Painted finches have a long, slender and pointed bill which in the male the upper mandible is mostly black with a red tip and the lower mandible is mostly red with light blue-grey patches on either side of the base. The Iris of males is a cream or off-white colour and the legs of males vary between a dark brown to pinkish colour.

Females look similar to males, although the red colouration on the face is duller and is restricted to the lores, cheeks and around the eyes. The red patch present on the breast is also duller when compared to the males as are the underparts that are generally a duller brownish-black. The underparts on females though are more spotted. The bill of females is quite similar to males but usually with less red on upper mandible. The iris is also a cream or off-white colour and legs once again vary between dark brown to a pinkish colour.

Juvenile painted finches are similar in appearance to females but their underparts are duller and browner. Juveniles lack the red colouration on their face and their bill is black which becomes paler and almost pinkish on the lower part. Juvenile's eyes are a grey-brown.

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