Safflower Seed


Safflower Seed require arid climates with seasonal rainfall, and most safflower crops are grown for the oil of the seeds and the dyes of the plant. Birdseed cultivation is growing, however, as more birders discover the value and usefulness of this seed.

While safflower may not be the first seed choice for birds accustomed to more familiar fare, once the seed is introduced, they can grow fond of it. Bird species that regularly feed on safflower seeds include

Because many birds that prefer safflower are larger species that require adequate perching space, safflower seeds are best offered in large hopper, tube, or platform feeders. Any feeder that can accommodate whole sunflower seeds will also be suitable for offering safflower seeds. 

Because safflower seeds look and taste different than more familiar sunflower seeds, birds may take some time to get used to this new food offering. Mixing small amounts of safflower seed into a birdseed mix or with black oil sunflower seeds can tempt birds to try the new seed. The proportion of safflower to sunflower can gradually be changed as they accept the new food.  a good way to provide.