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Winners Recup 'Forte' 500 g

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Winners Recup 'Forte' powder


Winners Recup "Forte" powder contains 3 types of complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates ensure a quick recovery of the energy level, which makes the metabolism of the pigeon, the necessary nutrients (such as proteins – fats – vitamins and minerals) faster and easier to absorb and process.

Instructions: 1 measuring spoon (20 g) per liter of water, for 40 pigeons, when back home. And as soon as possible, 1 capsule/pigeon Recup "Forte" Caps. To make a perfect “hypertonic” drink after exertion(s), we advise to add 20g/1 E-Trolyt of Recup "Forte" per liter water to the drinking water. As of the next meal, provide 1 measuring spoon (10g) of Energy Start “Forte” per kg of moistened food.

TIP: in warm weather, 3 days before basketing, add E-Trolyt to the drinking water at a rate of 20 g/l


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